Add email contents from Gmail to a Spreadsheet

Any manager who is working with Gmail usually receive tons of Emails, those might be:

  • bug reports
  • orders
  • form submissions
  • support tickets

Of course later on you decide to somehow optimize your work, and at this point Google add-ons come very handy. Email Parser & Analytics is one of the add-ons that can be used to improve your daily permormance, as it provides a number of impressive tools. So what exactly it does? Read below

Adds Gmail messages into Spreadsheet

Yes, exactly as the title says, main feature of the add-on is automatic collection of emails. Add-on can extract everything you need, including:

  • ReplyTo, From and To meta-data. ReplyTo is picked over From, but if missing – From is collected
  • Subject
  • Date
  • Body with autoremoved HTML and links
  • Link to a Gmail thread
  • Keyword – messages that have keyword in the Subject will be marked with that keyword in the Spreadsheet
  • Values – values from Body can also be extracted – order-ids for example.

Here are some example outputs:

Add Gmail messages into Spreadsheet rows.
Add Gmail messages into Spreadsheet rows.

Generate charts for collected Gmail data

Another feature that might come handy whenever you want to analyze your bottlenecks, or get some insights on dynamics. Generated charts can quickly tell you whenever you are getting too many requests for a particular reason or how many form submissions did you get last week. This charts are being generated:

  • Inbox, Sent – daily amount of messages sent and received
  • Unread – understand if you are having too many unanswered messages
  • Keywords – percents calculation for your specified keywords
  • Premium – counts your very important messages – orders, form submissions or similar
Email Parser Generated Charts
Email Parser Generated Charts

Send newsletter from a Gmail

Simple tool that creates a beautiful HTML message from your input, which can be sent to a list of email addresses. Some great things about the newsletter:

  • Adaptive HTML – it will look great on any device
  • Image, brand, header – you can easily add an image, set a header and add your brand to every email
  • Text, of course
  • Button with a link
Send Newsletter from Gmail
Send Newsletter from Gmail

Install Add-on for Free

Add-on is available in official Google Chrome Webstore.

Open in Chrome Web Store (Desktop only)

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