How to change administrator password in Windows 7?

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how to change password windows 7

This problem can occur eventually, where you will face inability to start Windows 7 due to the fact that the only Administrator password is lost.

There are several ways to prevent the happening of such a situation with timely creation of a flash drive for password reset or recovery point. But more often you learn about those ways in an article like this one, when the password is already lost and the operating system can’t be started.

If this happened, follow the instructions in the example with Windows 7 below.

Instructions on changing the administrator password in Windows 7

In order to change the password of the only administrator account, you will need several things:

  1. Another computer that works, has an Internet connection and a writing drive.
  2. A blank disc for recording, e.g. CD-R.
  3. The program for recording disk images, perfectly suited ImgBurn – a free and a simple program.
  4. Downloaded recovery disc image called Trinity Rescue Kit is also free.
  5. Data compression tool to unpack the archives of programs, WinRAR can be downloaded for free and used for the trial period.

When all of the above is available, follow these steps on the computer into which you can log on:

  1. Unpack the downloaded files.
  2. Run ImgBurn.
  3. Insert a blank disc into the drive.
  4. Select in the ImgBurn menu item disk image recording.
  5. Select the unpacked TRK image with the .iso extension from the files for recording .
  6. Record a disc on the minimum supported recording speed (for example 4X).
  7. After the information is written to the disk, remove it and insert it into the drive of the locked computer.

Then follow these steps on the locked computer, after installing the disc with the image TRK:

  1. Restart the computer to see pre-Windows loading screen, press F9 or F2 (depending on the type of your computer, there may be another function key)
  2. Select menu item – Boot Menu
  3. Choose your drive with a recorded image among the options.
  4. The TRK screen will appear to select one of the many menu items, select the one that comes before the number 1. (Run Trinity Rescue Kit (default mode, with text menu))
  5. In the next menu, select Windows Password Resetting
  6. Then select Interactive Winpass
  7. Select Edit User Info & Passwords
  8. After displaying the list of all users and their statuses (administrators should have written ADMIN next to their username, for blocked users it’s written dis / lock) – enter the name of the administrator account in the line and press Enter.
  9. Next, run – Unlock and enable user account [probably locked now] – to select this action, write in line 4 and press Enter
  10. Repeat step 8 of this instruction (entering the name of the administrator account)
  11. Execute Clear (blank) user password
  12. Type q in the line and press Enter to finish, then press any key.
  13. Select return to the main menu, then select reboot without ejecting cd.
  14. Wait for Windows to boot, and if the system asks to choose Boot Device – select your hard drive with Windows installed.
  15. On the user selection screen, select the administrator that you unlocked

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