Email Parser & Analytics

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Core features of this add-on are:

  • Append inbox and sent emails to spreadsheet rows daily
  • Rows contain date, sender, subject, body, link to thread
  • Rows can also be labeled based on set of keywords
  • Build charts based on email data

Additional premium features of this add-on:

  • Autocleaner for inbox and sent emails
  • Unread emails daily counter + chart for it
  • Specific data parsing into a separate list
This add-on is still on Google’s approval and might take few weeks before it’s published, please send a message to [email protected] to get notified when it’s released

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Email Parser & Analytics is an add-on for Google Spreadsheets, that reads Gmail messages and adds them to Spreadsheets. It also can dig unique values from Emails, create charts for analytics and autoremove old rows.

Data and privacy policy

This add-on works with your personal data – it requires full access to it to work properly. Upon installation you will be asked to provide this permissions to add-on:

How those permissions are going to be used

We will only use these permissions to run the above mentioned free and premium features of the add-on and to display you purchase options inside the app.

  1. Add-on will access your Gmail messages in read-only mode, that means – your emails will not be deleted, labled, answered, marked unread. They will only be collected to a spreadsheet.
  2. Add-on will use Send email feature only to notify you about addon related issues and reports.
  3. Add-on will have access to a spreadsheet where it was installed to add data from emails to it, and create and manage related pages and charts.
  4. Add-on additional pages will display third-party content – button leading to Yandex Money payment system and to Google permissions page.
  5. Add-on will perform it’s duties daily at a set time-driven triggers, even if you are offline, as long as it is authorized to do so.
  6. We will ask for your email to provide you with premium features, if you purchase Premium.

We will not store or share any of your personal data that an add-on will have access to with third parties.