Top Android Games to play on Galaxy S8

I have some expertise in games, both as a player and marketer. So I’m playing both for fun and to find out new features that market uses to attract players, to work them out with the developers team and help implement some of them to reach marketing goals. As of today, I have a Galaxy S8 smartphone, so I play all the mobile games on that device.

Here is the list of strategy, arcade and RPG games, that I liked to play on my android smartphone and my comments:

Samorost 3

Setting: In this game you a playing a gnome in a world which is similar to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince. You wake up because something had fallen from the skies and start to investigate what was that, build up a spaceship from a flower and find out an evil minion depressing the world. The art and story are breathtaking. Music and sounds are even beyond that.

Gameplay: This is an RPG with lots of mini-games puzzles. Also the game uses no language, so you will have to understand signs and symbols, but you can use a book with help on every level to understand what should you do next, if stuck.

This is a genious game, suitable for all ages, languages. Even people who never play games will find it interesting to try this one. 

SkyForce Reloaded

Chances are you missed this awesome game, even though it’s been released for some time already.

Setting: You are a pilot of a warplane and is going to face endless hostile armies. To your advantage your plane can be equipped with tons of weapons and helpful perks – automatic shield generators, drones and other incredible stuff. Through the first levels your opponent – is a crazied girl with unlimited access to weaponry, with armies of planes, tanks and war machines. But when you beat her – you will find out some aggressive artifical intelligence which will test your skills once again with it’s machinery.

Gameplay: The game only has 13 campaigns levels and some additional, but each with it’s unique boss fight, stylish level design – from jungles to technically advanced bases, hundreds of enemy units with various behavior and other incredible stuff. Game designer did a nice job with the upgrade system, where you will advance slowly and not only gain damage and health points, but different game mechanics, which will keep you entertained when you start replaying on a higher difficulty.

One of the best single player arcade games out there in the android store. Actually, the game is so good – you would even enjoy it on PC or PS4.


Blizzard – the company behind Heartstone is known for it’s 100% success with all of their games, and Heartstone is not an exception. It’s been a while since the release, but the developers keep on adding new features quarterly and you will find the game enjoyable to play every now and then.

Setting: The game entirely nests in the Warcraft universe, with orcs, humans, elves, dwarfs and other races and their heroes. A player will enjoy both classic stories – like beating the Lich King or a visit to Karazhan and also make his own story in endless multiplayer tavern fights.

Gameplay: You will have to make a card deck, each card is good against some cards and bad against other cards. Than you meet your opponent and see if your card deck is better in a simple, yet challenging fight.

Iron Marines

A fresh release from the developers of Kingdom Rush series. I was subscribed to buy it straight after the release, and wasn’t dissappointed.

Setting: You are the commander of an elite group of Iron Marines, which is here to save the world, again and at least few times, as the game campaign actually leads you through few different stories – one’s about defending a homeplanet from the perky zergs, another about a special operation on the robots planet. Also a new campaign was announced to be released.

Gameplay: Progressing through the levels will surprise you firstly with a complete real-time strategy mechanics – free units movement on the level, unit production, base building – is done right during the mission, which provides you will some tactical challenge, not only the strategy and planing before the mission – like most modern mobile strategy games do.

Another great single player game, unfortunately it can be easliy beaten within few evenings.

Kung Fury

Setting: Kung Fury game is taking you to the world of the original movie blockbaster. Kung Fury, Barbariana, Triceracop and Hackerman are on their way to saving the world from Kung Fuhrer and his minions.

Gameplay: Basically it’s just touch left or right, but with combos and unique sequence for each of 4 selectable characters. Also there is a story mode with bosses where it gets even harder.

This is the game you open when there is no internet and you just have few minutes to kill. Few minutes to kill hundreds of Kung Fuhrer minions.


Setting: Things happen in a platformer world of chickens. Somebody created a path full of traps on the way but those chickens just can’t be stopped.

Gameplay: You get to control your chicken’s with turns and jumps. Every level is full of traps. If after the jump you don’t land on foot – you die.

Another game to open when there is no internet and you feel like jumping a chicken.


Setting: Evoland is the world of video game evolution, where you will start playing in 2D without sound and progress through the game to 3D, HD textures, better game mechanics and other cool stuff.

Gameplay: This is a classic RPG. You are controling a character who will get levels, experience, items and follow the story on his way to saving the world.

Masterpiece and a must-have game for everyone. You will be excited!

Dead Ahead

Setting: It’s a zombie apocalypse world, where you have a variety of bikes and guns to get out from infected territories. Pixel art is very enjoyable.

Gameplay: Simple, but fun gameplay – you start with riding a scooter and later on get better bikes, you can go nitro, slam zombies and shoot them, perform some fun combos and complete small quests.

Nice time killer that should entertain you for at least a week!

Kingdom Rush Origins

Setting: Medieval world, evil forces want to dominate and only you can command last defences to prevent this. Classic epic tower defence game with heroes and a storyline. This is a third chapter actually.

Gameplay: It’s all about placing towers, upgrading them, timely reacting on enemies moves, controlling your hero and spells. Should be difficult for newbies, but if you already played TD games – you will be ok. It’s great single player game choice for a strategy-tactic-puzzle games lovers.

Will take you some time to beat it and complete additional levels, but if you didn’t play first chapters I would recommend to get Kingdom Rush first!

Battle for the Galaxy

Setting: Some far future, where corporations rule the world and start wars for resources. Nice sci-fi graphics and animations.

Gameplay: This game is similar to Clash of Clans, you build up your base and watch replays of others trying to break in, and you train troops to try and break other bases. Different units, lots of upgrades, modules, and few game modes.

If you love to play long-progression games, where you slowly develop a base only spending 5 minutes a day – this game is for you!

Need for Speed: No Limits

Setting: Night, street racing, awesome expensive cars. You are a professional car driver making money for living participating in illegal racing.

Gameplay: EA made nice physics and smooth controls, it’s really enjoyable to control cars. The difficulty becomes hard quickly and forces you to upgrade your car parts to beat stronger opponents.

If you enjoyed NFS on PC you should try this android game, the quality is really great!

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

Setting: This is the same zombie world I talked about in Dead Ahead game. But now you play for a group of survivors which are driving a bus through the infected zones. Nice pixel art.

Gameplay: You hire survivors, get some specials and choose a location to travel. Each location is a puzzle and you need to send survivors smartly to beat zombies and make the road clean for the bus.

This game is a tower offence alternative, where your units actually die. Interesting idea, defintely try out if you are a strategy fan!


Setting: You are a zombie, in a zombie world. But, actually you are a smart super zombie with super powers. You make your way to find out who created you and the story is shoking.

Gameplay: This game is an RPG, where you level up, select abilities from ability tree and fight enemies in a turn-based combat. Yeah, you also find and equip items. Controls are smooth.

Original story, comics art, challenging gameplay. Android version is a third chapter, I would recommend playing the original Sonny 1 and 2 first.

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