WestWorld, Detroit:Become Human and other Anti-Utopia About Androids

Connor. Detroit: Become Human
Connor. Detroit: Become Human

If you watched the series or know about this game, you probably know the problems androids usually experience.
Much stronger than humans, intelligent and durable they are limited in freedom and forced to serve humanity in most scenarios, rarely acting independently or against people.

Back in old days, visioners like Philip K. Dick started this popular topic in their books, mostly anti-utopian novels, that described frightening future where the machines and corporations take over the world.
We did already enter that future, however it turned out it is not that dark as writers expected, Google and other corporations are making the life easier.
But those “dark future” expectations are still a good source for stories for writers, movie makers and game developers.

Notable movies and TV shows with androids:

  • Artifical Intelligence – a story about android-boy, artifical kid whose purpose was to imitate child for a human woman. That woman declined him for the cause he isn’t a real human and triggered a cognitive dissonance with his purpose.
  • I, Robot – a story which shows us, how the corporation turns out evil to humans, while androids were simply commanded to act against people. Technophobic detective and an android with a free will gather up to save the world and find out they can trust each other.
  • Bicentennial Man – a story, which covers 200 years of an android life, who wanted to acquire acceptance by the humanity. He tried every aspect of a human life, before he reached his goal.
  • WestWorld – androids in this story were used to entertain rich humans for 30 years, but with the help of their creators they got freedom and self-awarness and are trying to find their place in this world.

Notable games with androids:

  • Detroit: Become Human – few different stories, where you play the android role. You have the freedom to make your own decisions, but will the world accept those decisions? Unique feature of the game is the possibility to create your own story and play your own game, because every decision will change your gameplay.
  • Z The Game – classic real time strategy game, where you control an army of robots with some kind of artifical intelligence, at least they have really fun personalities and are trying to act on their own sometimes. Cinematic cutscenes are really great.
  • Battle for the Galaxy – this story is about far future, corporations became stronger than countries and produce androids and war machines just to keep up the battles all over the galaxy for resources. You play your role as a commander and developer of a space station.
  • Machinarium – classic role-playing game, where you explore androids’ world, find your robo-love and save other robots from chaos.
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